November 1, 2015

The Story of our Goat Dog

December 2014 / January 2015

We decided to get the kids a dog for Christmas. We wanted the same line that Cody was from so I contacted the breeder that we got Cody from. She wasn't expecting any litter but gave us a name of a friend who was. We contacted her and she was expecting a litter the following week. We were so excited! We anxiously waited for the call that the puppies had been born. 

Finally the call came! We couldn't decide if we wanted a yellow lab or a black one. All the puppies were black so that helped make that decision. The next decision was boy or girl? We were split 50/50 around here so we weren't sure how to decide. Well that decision was made easy for us too. There were 3 girls and 3 boys born and all the girls were taken so we said BOY!

We had to wait several weeks in order to go visit the puppies. Finally when they were about 4 weeks old we got to go visit. They were so cute!

We totally loved the puppies! We wanted to take all of them!

But . . . we weren't too thrilled with the way the adult dogs looked. For some reason, they looked like they had really short legs and the other thing we noticed about the 2 dogs inside was that they seemed to have goat bellies. Like after their shoulders their bellies stuck way out and then went back in for their back hips. I don't know if you can picture what I am saying but they seemed to be "goat dogs."

Kurt finally said to the breeder "they seem rather . . . round." We didn't want to be rude but thought the dogs looked kind of funny. She said she likes to keep her dogs a little over weight.  

We left there confused. We didn't want a short legged, goat dog. The 3 younger kids said they didn't care but Kurt, Kayla and I were put off. We just didn't know what to do. We came home and called other breeders trying to find other puppies to go see but there weren't any around. We decided we didn't want a goat dog and so suddenly we didn't have our Christmas present for the kids. 

Well we thought about it and thought about it and thought about it and decided that maybe we could get the goat dog but just not overfeed him. Maybe if we kept him active and not overfed that he wouldn't turn into a goat. So on Kayla's birthday, January 10th, we drove to the breeder and came home with our puppy!

Oh, he is just so cute! The discussion over names was intense. What to name this little guy. 5 of us finally agreed on Cooper. Kurt was holding out for Chipotle. =-) In the end, Cooper won out.

I just love puppies! Yes, the potty training is no fun but they are just oh so cute!

And of course this little guy did some damage to our house. Our last puppy, Cody, we got through the puppy phase without any damage to our kitchen furniture. Not with this guy. He doesn't like dog toys. If it is suppose to be a dog toy, he wants nothing to do with it. Now kid toys, bowls, cups, shoes, book, kitchen chairs, he loves all those! My poor kitchen chairs will never be the same again.

But he is just so cute, how could you get mad at that little winking face?

Kayla absolutely loves dogs and it is very therapeutic for her to have one. She had tons of fun playing with him while he was sleeping. Man, when he was out, he was OUT!

The bad thing about puppies is that they grow WAY TOO FAST! Man, I wish they stayed smaller longer. They are just so cute!

Shopping with a boy and a puppy? Fun times!

Yep, he is just one of the kids around here!

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