November 20, 2015

The T Man Turns 4!

July 11th
Our 7-11 baby!

We had a birthday party for him the night before his birthday. He was lovin' it!

"I want an orange cake with Minecraft on it."

On his actual birthday we had a very fun Trevor dictated day. First up - donuts!

Then a new hair cut. Dad wouldn't let me leave the mohawk in it.

Then home to open family presents.

I think he was happy!

Then lunch - Panda Express! The boy loves chicken and rice.

After lunch we had to get our free slurpees. With his birthday on July 11th he gets to celebrate with 7-11's free slurpee day!

Then we had family over for another party. More presents!

Karen, my dad and my brother with the birthday boy!

And because we hadn't had enough sugar in the last 24 hours, we had another cake!

Happy, happy birthday Trevor! 
We love you so much!

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