November 30, 2015

2015 Soccer Season

September 2015

Evan played soccer again this year. I love watching his games. I really enjoy watching sports so the games are my favorite part. 

We loved our coach last year (Coach Dan) and were so bummed that he was moving up to the U12 bracket while Evan was staying in the U10 bracket. When we signed up, we asked to be on the same team as friends who were on his team last year and in the same age bracket as him. We were so surprised when Coach Dan contacted us and said that Evan was on his team again this year. For some reason the soccer league moved Evan and his friends up to the U12 bracket and kept them on Dan's team. We were excited about Coach Dan but a little nervous that he would be playing the older (and bigger) boys. 

Evan has the ball in this picture:

Evan likes playing defense. I think his favorite position is stopper. He is pretty good at it too!

He has the green shoes.

He also still enjoys playing goalie. I don't like him playing goalie, as I have mentioned before. This year he started off playing the 1st half as stopper and then the 2nd half as goalie. About mid-season, another player wanted to try out the goalie position so Evan started playing stopper the whole game. I was ok with that!

His birthday was on a Saturday this year so he had a game on his birthday. 

Happy birthday Evan!

Here he is playing goalie. He is the one in the middle croutched down.

And here he is kicking the ball back down the field after he was able to stop the other teams goal attempt.

Zoomed in:

I love soccer season but I will enjoy having my Saturdays back after the season is over.

Good job Evan!

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