November 2, 2015

Whoopsie! Correction to the last post

Oh man. See, that is why one should not blog: 1) late at night and 2) almost a year after the event happened. One might forgets things. Whoops! Here are the additional details to this post.

My last post was about Evan's surgery, which did happen in December 2014 but I forgot that this was his 2nd surgery, not the first one. He had the first one in July 2014. After 3 weeks of crutches, Evan started walking on his foot again except it was extremely painful. At his 3 week post-op check up, his doctor removed all the bandaging and pushed on the site and realized that the lump was still there. He couldn't believe it. It was smaller than it had originally been but it was definitely there. He said it was up to us as to if we wanted to do surgery again or wait and see what happened. We decided to give Evan some time and see what happened. We wanted him to enjoy his soccer season which started in late August.

By the end of soccer in November, he was still complaining about his toe hurting him so we decided to schedule the surgery in December, right before Christmas break. This time the surgery was a success as the doctor found the problem that was missed the first time. In the first surgery the doctor removed a cyst and thought that was the problem. Turned out the cyst was his body's way of trying to cushion a wound (I can't remember the name of it) that had happened on the inside of his skin. When the doctor went in the 2nd time, he could see the wound since the cyst wasn't in the way this time.

All is well and he is a very active boy again. Yeah!

Now maybe I won't try to blog at night anymore. =-)

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