November 18, 2015

4th of July in Foresthill - Camping trip #3

July 2015

10 after we returned home from our camping trip to Stampede Reservoir, we headed out again. This time up to Sugar Pine Reservoir (near Foresthill) with Kaulana, Michelle and their girls.

Usually I go shopping before we head out of town and I have everything nicely organized in the trailer. Well I wasn't so organized this time. Being home for only 10 days didn't give me enough time to regroup before preparing for the next trip so we hit Walmart on our way out of town. We went shopping and then just threw everything into the trailer. I was having a organizing attack just watching Kurt do this. Ugh, drove me crazy. But off we went, disorganized and all.

Our pretty 4th of July decorations.

Boating in the reservoir.

Water boy.

Ok, so let me just say that this reservoir was muddy. And I mean MUDDY! The ground was so swishy and gross. I couldn't even get in because I couldn't stand the mud. Yuck!

Mud. Need I say more?

One pooped out puppy!

More swimming fun!

 Trevor and Jac Jac

There was trail that went all the way around the reservoir. It was a very pretty trail.

Yet another low reservoir. So sad.

Trevor decided he was too tired to ride his bike anymore so Kurt decided to use it.

Kayla and Cooper

 Trevor and Maddie

We decided to walk all the way around. It was about 3.5 - 4 miles around. Sounded like a good idea at the time but as the day warmed up, we started rethinking our plan but at that point we were already 1/2 way around so we just had to keep going.

We stopped at one point and walked down to the water. Evan and Cooper went swimming while the rest of us threw rocks in the water. All was good until Kurt's grip slipped on the rock he was throwing and it hit Kayla right in the head. Cut her head open and everything. Poor girl. And poor Kurt. He felt awful, as any parent would after hitting their kid in the head with a rock. Now she uses against him all the time ~ "remember that time you hit me in the head with a rock?" Yep, works just about every time!

Rock piles!

We celebrated the 4th of July with glow sticks.

Linking them all together makes one big loop. These cousins had so much fun and they get along so well. It was a great trip!

When we got home we once again had one exhausted puppy. 

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