November 8, 2015

Basketball Season

April 2015

This was the first season Evan had played basketball. We signed Evan up with his friend Lincoln and Lincoln's dad, Doug, was the coach. Evan was so excited!

I don't know ANYTHING about basketball. I am still figuring out the all the rules for soccer so now I am learning a whole bunch of new rules for basketball. 

Evan shooting a free throw.

Evan and his buddy Lincoln.

At practice.

During a game.

Evan is really fast. He is a speedy little guy so he is quick to the ball. He got really good at stealing the ball from the other players. During one game I was sitting next to a mom of a boy on the other team and every time Evan charged to the ball she would say "Oh no! Here he comes!" Made me proud of my boy!

It was a lot of fun watching the games but boy, I had no idea that 3rd grade basketball could be so intense! 

He doesn't really like the pressure of scoring so he usually passes the ball to another player, both in soccer and basketball, but this particular game he scored 2 shots! He was so happy! And so were we!

Pointing to the points on the score board. His 2 baskets helped them win!

Doug is an AWESOME coach! We just love Coach Doug! Our boys went all the way to the championship game and WON!!!! They did awesome! Here is Evan receiving his trophy from Coach Doug.

The Champions!

Evan and Lincoln with their trophies.

Can't wait for this season to start. Maybe I will understand more of the rules and calls this year!

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