November 16, 2015

Trevor finally plays soccer!

June / July 2015

I signed Trevor up for some Tiny Tot Soccer Classes this summer. Oh man, did he feel like a big kid!

He is the one wearing in white on the left side.
 He had so much fun and absolutely loved it.

After the 2nd or 3rd class he asked me "When am I going to play a game like Evan?" He remembered the pattern from the previous year of Evan practicing and then playing games. He was very serious about playing in a game. I had to explain that this was just practice, no games involved. He was a little disgruntled about that.

He was determined, and I mean DETERMINED, to be the fastest kid and make it around the flags in 1st place every single time!

He is the one in front wearing blue.

And then there was the day that he got to wear a penny and play in a mini-game with his class. Oh, the attitude. He meant business! So cute!

Next year he gets to play in the recreation league where there will be practice and REAL games. He can't wait!

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