November 4, 2015

Last camping trip of the year

December 2014

At the very end of December we headed out for one last camping trip of the year. Down to Dillon Beach, one of our favorite spots.  

Taking the boat out to set crab cages.

Kurt can NOT sit still on a beach. His shovel is his best friend and he creates some fun things for the kids to play in. 

Watching a movie in the Mickelsen's trailer while Evan plays a game underneath.

More of Kurt's sand art work.

This girl doesn't mind cold water at all!

Evan was such a good sport with his crutches at the beach. As you can imagine, walking on crutches in the sand is not the easiest thing to do but he had fun.

Walking to the top of the HUGE dune. We always look at this dune but never climb it. This trip a group decided to go for it. I stayed at the trailer with Evan.

What a view!

Brotherly love in the trailer. I believe they were fighting over the apple.

This little boy cracks me up! He found all sorts of fun stuff to wear. Mom's hat, dad's glasses, mom's gloves. He thought he was pretty funny stuff. And so did we!

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