November 14, 2015

Stampede Reservior - Camping Trip #2

June 2015

2 weeks after we returned home from Santa Cruz we went camping again. This time we took the dirt bikes and Teryx. When we camp with the toys, I have to drive my Tahoe to pull them since Kurt is pulling the trailer with his truck. With taking 2 cars we have more seats so we let the girls bring their bff's along.

Kurt had a job an hour away that was in the direction of our camping trip so he left early with the trailer and I followed later with all the kids and the toys. Talk about the ultimate mom-mobile! 6 kids, 2 dirt bikes and a Teryx. It was quite the load!

Oh, and don't forget the dog! He was squished in there too!

The deer were SOOO friendly. A little too friendly for my taste. They walked right into the campsite looking for handouts.

Kurt was holding his phone up taking pictures of the deer and this little guy thought that maybe the phone was food so he walked right up to Kurt and sniffed the phone. Brave little guys!

Such fun trails!

 Ready to ride.

Evan pretending he hit a pine tree! Funny kid!


Evan and Kurt in the front and Natalie and Kayla in the back.

 Lunch break!

 Ali wanted to try the dirt bike so they put the training wheels on and away she went. She did a great job!

T said he wanted to try the dirt bike but then backed out and decided his pedal bike was just fine.

Manual labor in the campsite.
(See the dogs playing in the background. Bella and Cooper have a great time together!)

The girls' friends had to leave a day before us so there was extra room in the Tahoe on the way home. The girls put down the middle seat so they had lots of room to stretch their legs. And it appears that Cooper was pretty relaxed too!

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