May 24, 2015

November Camping Trip

November 2014

We took another camping trip in November. We like to do a camping trip the week of Thanksgiving because the kids have the time off. We went up to Westport, which is north of Fort Bragg. This is one of our favorite spots but the drive there is brutal. It is a 4 hour drive but add on towing a trailer and add on that we are slow drivers and Kurt likes to stop and it takes FOREVER! I think we made it up there in 5 hours this time.

Kurt chillin' on the beach.
 We love just hanging out and playing on the beach.

Cowlick's Ice Cream is known for having amazing ice cream so we had to try it out. We tried to get a family shot in front of the sign but it just wasn't happening very well.

The Mickelsen's under the sign

The drive may be long but the scenery is beautiful. I love this tree tunnel that we get to go through.

I LOVE this picture of my boys. I need to blow it up and put it in their room. So cute!

Here we are just taking a nice family picture.

Except we all forgot to watch the waves.

And it got us!
Those of us in shoes and socks were less then thrilled about this.

And notice the wet pant legs on me and Evan? We were the less than thrilled ones!
 We drove to Glass Beach but then rode our bikes from the parking out to the beach. Little T did a great job!

And, of course, more jumping pictures.

I have no idea what this thing was but I found it and thought it was cool.
This kid sure does love to kick back and relax! Enjoying his juice box. Can life get any better than this?

Kurt dug himself a hole.

Kayla using her magic to push Hailey off the rock.

Hailey and Kurt walked out to this rock while the water was out but then it came back in and they were stranded for a little while until the waves cooperated and gave them a chance to run back in.

Where'd the rock go?

Another one of my favorite pics of my boys.
This was at Glass Beach. The picture got out of order when they imported.

This was at Cowlick's Ice Cream

Love, love, LOVE this picture!

The last night there we discovered that our propane regulator had gone bad and completely drained one of our propane tanks. It was going to be a chilly night if we didn't get that fixed so Kurt and I quickly drove back into Fort Bragg trying to get to the shop before they closed at 5. We pulled in the parking lot at 4:55,. Whew! Just made it! We got the part that we thought we needed and headed back hoping that we got the right thing. Luckily we did and we were nice and toasty warm that night.

The drive home was even more brutal then the drive there. The night before we left to go camping, Kurt had gone out with the boy scouts camping. His back had a tweak in it from sleeping on the ground. Then one night he slipped going out the trailer door and pulled muscles in his back trying to catch himself. By the time we were leaving to come home, he could hardly move. It was really bad. He couldn't load up the trailer or do anything so the kids and I did it all. Then he had to drive home. I can pull trailers no problem but I am not comfortable pulling a trailer as long as our camping trailer. He said he could drive so off we went. Every time he had to turn left he would moan out in pain (the roads are really windy so there was a lot of moaning!). It took us 6 hours to get home and he was in agony the whole time. By the time we got home, he could barely get out of the truck. I had to help him in the house because his legs kept trying to give out on him. I called a friend who is a chiropractor and he came over - on Thanksgiving Eve, when he was having a party at his house! He said the worst thing Kurt could have done was to sit and he had just sat for 6 hours coming home. Not good. It took several days for him to recover from that one.

We LOVE the beach! It is our absolute favorite spot to go camping. I could just stay at the beach forever!

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