May 21, 2015

2014 Soccer Season

Evan still love his soccer. It is fun to watch his skills develop. When he first started playing soccer he was very aggressive and amazingly good at stealing the ball from the other team. The older he gets, the more timid he is becoming. I'm not sure why but it is hard to see him hold back when we know he can do it.

Trevor enjoying the game =-)
 Evan has always wanted to try to play goalie but his coaches in the past wouldn't let him because they said he was too small (don't even get me going on that one!). His coach this year said "absolutely, you can try it out" and he did and he loved it! And he was a great goalie! Almost every game he would play goalie for 1/2 the game.

Here he is playing goalie.

Goalie again. It made this momma nervous to see her little boy in the goal net. Watching him dive on a ball that all the other players are trying to kick is really scary!

Evan and Coach Dan

Way to go Evan!

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