May 18, 2015

Hailey turns the big 1-2

November 2014
Can someone please explain to me how Hailey is 12 already? She has just grown up so fast. She has always been so happy and bubbly and smiley. Everyone, even strangers, would call her Smiley when she was little. She is a great scholar ~ she just comes home and does her work and I never have to nag her or remind her. She is so responsible and gets good grades.

She wanted to go rollerskating with her friends. We are lucky because our local roller rink has a homeschool and Christian skate session on Friday afternoons when they only play good, clean music. Luckily our school has mini days every Friday so we were able to take her and her friends rollerskating.

 Then we went back to our house and enjoyed snacks and opened presents.

 We love you so much Hailey!

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