May 15, 2015

October Camping Trip

October 2014 - We took a camping trip up near Truckee with Kaulana and Michelle and their girls. We took the Teryx and dirt bikes with us. I was really nervous about Kurt being on his bike but he really wanted to ride.

There were beautiful fall colors all around.

And, of course, we had to take jumping pictures.

I love this picture of Kurt and Evan. I was driving the Teryx behind them so getting a picture was very tricky. This was my best one. They were both standing up riding - a boy and his dad. So sweet!

So beautiful!

Evan had a major wipe out on this trip. His biggest yet. We were on the dirt road back to camp, which was a pretty smooth road. Hailey and I came around a corner in the Teryx and up ahead we see Evan's bike on it's side off to one side of the road and Kurt's bike on it's side off to the other side of the road and a pile of bodies in the middle. My. Heart. Stopped. I didn't know who was hurt or what had happened. Hailey was driving so I told her to GO, GO, GO! In her shock, she came to a complete stop. I told her to GO again so she went a little bit and stopped again. I finally got out of the Teryx and ran to the bodies. Evan was on the ground and Kurt was bending over him. Evan had hit a tree root that he didn't see because of some shadows on the road and had flipped over his handle bars. This kid goes up the craziest hillsides and does some amazing things but it was a tree root on a normal road that wiped him out. Poor kid. After sitting there for awhile, he calmed down and was able to ride back to camp. Ever since this fall he has been pretty timid on the bike. Overall, this was a very fun and relaxing trip. Can't wait to go camping again!

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