January 28, 2017

Utah Trip - Part 1

Our niece, Emily, got engaged in September and planned her wedding for December 17th. We were so excited for her! Emily is one of Jenny's kids and Jenny is Kurt's sister that lives in North Carolina. We usually get to see them about every other year and our kids LOVE to see their Truman cousins. Since Emily and her fiancé were attending college in Utah, they decided to have the wedding in Utah and we were super excited since it would be so close to us and we would be able to attend the wedding.

Monday, Dec 12th - we left at 4 am and drove to Dad and Julie's house in southern Utah. We were so blessed with amazing weather while driving that day. Seriously, when you go to Utah in December you never know what you are going to get and we got lucky!

We got to Dad and Julie's house about 2 or 2:30 and helped them set up their village under their Christmas tree.

Tuesday, Dec 13th - we drove down to St. George to visit Kurt's brother, Paul. He wanted to go to a new park that was just opened about a month prior called Thunder Junction All Abilities Park. It was a park built to be more user friendly for children with disabilities. It was a super fun park for kids of all abilities.

Paul was able to get his wheelchair onto this ride called the Sway Fun.

The kids had an absolute blast playing here. It was so much fun! The only thing about this park was that you could not keep track of your kids. They just ran and ran and had so much fun!

Here is the 4 seater seesaw.

One of the kids' favorite thing to play on were these zip line things. One was a disk that you sat on and the other was a swing. There were not a lot of people there so the kids were able to just play and play and play on them. I might have even taken and turn (or 2 . . . or 3) on them too!

This was another cool swing.

The treehouse / fort thingy.

There was this cool water feature section where you could walk under the waterfalls.

Hailey in the waterfall.


Evan, Kurt, Paul and Rachael in the fort.

The boys in the fort.

Paul has a tile on the wall that has his name on it.

The musical section.

Hailey and Paul playing the drums.

We got this disk swing flying! 

This was a pretty cool slide. You climbed up the dinosaur's face . . .

and down his tail!

The kids named this skeleton "Bob." They all had a blast climbing to the top of Bob.

Bob ate dad!

When we got back, Evan had a chess lesson with Grand-dad. 

Wednesday, Dec 14th - our Truman cousins arrived a whole day early!!!! We were so excited! They decided to drive the whole night on Monday night so they were able to get across the country much faster than they thought.

Since they had been in the car a lot, we decided we should take them to the park we went to the day before. We knew their kids would love the park as much as our kids did.

Cousins, cousins, cousins!

3 cousins on a swing!

Our whole group.

Kurt's uncle George and aunt Judie live just north of St. George and invited us over for dinner. They built a beautiful house with their daughter, Cori. Their other daughter, Siri, lives super close and her and her family came over too. It was so great to see all of them again! We had a wonderful night!

Jenny and Chad, Me and Kurt, Judie and George, Cori and Andrew, Siri and Chris

The next day it was time for us to head north to the Provo area and prepare for the wedding!!!

Exciting times!

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