January 24, 2017


We hosted Thanksgiving this year. I planned and shopped and had everything all ready. The morning of Thanksgiving, Kurt was on Facebook and saw a picture of a turkey covered in a bacon blanket and decided that he wanted to do that. Of course, I wasn't expecting to cover our turkey in bacon so I didn't have any bacon in the house so off to Walmart Kurt went. 

He came home with a ton of bacon and got to work on his bacon blankie for the turkey. Cooper was more than willing to help.

All tucked in with it's blankie!

I made a small little whoopsie of not putting the turkey in the fridge early enough. I thought it was standard for 3 days but we purchased a big bird and when I read the instructions, it said to give it 5 days. 😬

So it took the turkey a little longer to cook than I had planned. While we waited we went outside and played some games. Evan and my brother Bryan played catch with a football. Evan was in heaven! He loves to play catch and Bryan was a willing participant.

The turkey came out amazing! The bacon was nice and crunchy on top and the meat was so juicy with bacon juice. It was a definite success!

The kid table. Just love those little nieces of ours!

We had 5 pies for 12 people. There was plenty to go around . . . and around . . . and around.

We had a wonderful day!

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