January 26, 2017

A Field Trip with the Kinder Class

November - Trevor's class went on a field trip to a mandarin farm. Field trips are always a fun time!

It was a pretty cool field trip. There was a lot of hiking around this beautiful farm.

They even had a maze set up in the mandarin fields. Me and T found the way out when everybody else was confused as to where to go. He was rather proud that we found the way. I scored big mom points that day!

At the end of the hike, you finish up at their store (imagine that!) where the kids get to put mandarins into a juicer and drink the mandarin juice. It was pretty tasty!

It was a very fun field trip and I didn't loose a single kid! Whoo Hoo! With all those rows and rows of trees I was worried someone might be a runner and take off but they actually all did a really good job of staying together.

When we got back to school, we waited for Evan to get released. He came out wearing this hat. Too cute! 

Every month his class holds an auction and they use "money" they earned in class (by doing their jobs, turning in homework on time, etc.) to purchase items donated by parents. Thus far Evan has not participated in the auction because he wanted to save his money for something good. Well, this was the day! Apparently everyone wanted this hat but because they all spend their money every month, no one had as much money as Evan so he won the hat. He was pretty excited. I just love it. It is just so cute! Good score Evan, good score!

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