January 8, 2017

Evan turns the big 11, Earns the Arrow of Light and Kurt's birthday

September - Evan turned 11. Can you believe it? We can't. How does time go this fast?

Can you guess where he wanted to go for a birthday treat?

Nuyo might be our favorite place.

Birthday streamers!

Evan is in cub scouts and when you turn 11 you move up to 11 year old scouts, which is a pretty exciting deal since he is no longer with the "younger" kids. He isn't up with the big boys yet but he is getting closer and that is exciting stuff! If you do extra requirements, you can earn the Arrow of Light. Evan those requirements so at the pack meeting he was recognized for that achievement.

We got to set up a table to display his hard work and all the fun he had in cub scouts.

We are so proud of our little, I mean BIG scout!

The night of Evan's award ceremony happened to be on Kurt's birthday. What a fun gift to get - to see your son be promoted for all his hard work!

After the ceremony we came home and celebrated Kurt with a cake for Nothing Bundt Cakes (his favorite!).

It was a night of celebrations!

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