January 10, 2017

One Crazy Storm

October - our weather here is very mild. I mean, it gets hot in the summer (100's) and cold in the winter (usually 40's, sometimes low 30's) and rains every once in awhile (we have been in a drought for years so very little in the rain department) but nothing big or crazy.

But we got a doozy of a storm in October. Kurt was up at a home show about 20 minutes north of us and wasn't hit at all but we got hammered! I don't think I have ever seen it hail so hard for so long in my life! It was pretty awesome.

The kids were completely freaking out. They thought it was so cool! They were running from the front yard to the back yard and back to the front yard again, laughing and screaming. They had a blast! 

Hailey geared up and walked out into the hail. If the hail got through the umbrella, she had her bike helmet on to protect her head! Silly girl!

Then, in a matter of minutes, it cleared up and was a beautiful day. The boys had a blast collecting all the hail with their dump trucks. The hail melted pretty quick so the kids put some in the freezer for Kurt so he could see it when he got home.

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