January 4, 2017

Labor Day Tahoe Cabin Trip

September - For Labor Day we rented a cabin in Tahoe with 4 other families. We had 10 adults and 17 kids - it was a party!

We spent one day at Kings Beach on Lake Tahoe.

Evan loved, loved, LOVED the kayaks. We couldn't get the boy out of it! We made him share with the other kids and every time we looked out, he was back in the boat!

We rented 2 paddle boats. Here are the girls:

4 of the dads decided to go out in one of the paddle boats. They may have been over the weight limit as they kept taking on water from any little wave. Kurt came back soaked!

Kurt and Trevor

There must have been something really interesting in that hole!

Team effort to dig a hole.

Hanging out and chatting on the beach.

On Saturday night, Kurt and I drove all the way back home to attend the wedding of our employee's daughter. It was a beautiful wedding!

And then we drove all the way back to the cabin that night. We were tired!

The next day we went for a hike. I can't remember what it was called but it was above Donner Lake.

Here is our group:

Hiking in:

There was some pretty interesting graffiti along the way.

There were abandoned train tunnels that we got to walk through. Pretty awesome!

It was an amazing trail and it was very fun to hike through the tunnels.

Back at the cabin, there was lots of games played.

There was a zip line outside the cabin that the kids loved!

What a great weekend!

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