January 6, 2017

Random Summer Fun

Urgent Care and the ER all in 1 day

Hailey attended a church youth activity where they had a giant slip-n-slide. One of the times she slid down, she hurt her wrist. The next morning it looked swollen and hurt to move so we figured we should probably have it looked at. I took her to Urgent Care to have it x-rayed. Luckily nothing was broken - it was just a sprain.

Then that night Evan was walking into the kitchen and got wiped out by a overly excited, 86 pound, uncoordinated puppy. Evan landed on the back of his head on the tile floor. He was screaming! And he instantly got a huge "goose egg" on the back of his head. We thought it would be best to have him checked out so off to the ER we went.

They never did anything to him. Since he hadn't thrown up or lost consciousness they didn't want to expose him to the radiation from a CT or MRI . They just had us sit in the waiting room for 2 hours to see if he ever threw up or lost consciousness, which he didn't do either. He got a note to get out of PE for a week and then he was good to go. Never a dull moment around here!

Kayla + yarn:

I came downstairs to find this boy just relaxing and watching some TV

One beautiful sunset

(Time Out For Women)

Every year we have the opportunity to attend an event in Sacramento where we get to hear from some amazing speakers and hear some amazing artists.  This year David Archuleta was one of the performers. It was pretty cool to see him perform.  

Normally, after the show you can meet any of the speakers or artists and get their autographs. This year with David it was different. You had to buy one of his CD's in order to get his autograph. Also, only 1 person per CD was allowed to go into the room to see him. I purchased a CD so Hailey could meet David. Her friends also got CDs - they were all so excited to meet him. 

Some pretty stoked girls!

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