January 14, 2017

Halloween Fun

October - We were invited to try out a new pumpkin patch with our friends and we jumped at the chance. We went to Bobby Dazzlers Pumpkin Patch in Woodland and let me just say - WE LOVED IT!

We had heard that they had an awesome corn maze so we knew we had to check it out. This is the group we went in with:

T in the maze

The girl team.

The boy team.

 The adult team. Kurt ended up on our team too.

The maze was awesome! It was huge and hard to get through. We all separated into our teams to race to see who could get through the maze the fastest. Every once in awhile we would run into the other teams. 

The day was a lot warmer than we had thought and we started getting really thirsty! T got really tired so Kurt put him on his shoulders. It was so cute to see his little head bobbing above the corn. 

There is a huge maze out there:

The girl team was the first one out. At the end of the maze they had a huge hay pile that you could stand on and look out over the maze. The girls tried to help guide us through the maze. At this point we had teamed up with the boys but during our hunt to find the way out, we got separated again. Christine made it out and then came back in to try to help the boys, Kurt and I. She didn't find us and ended up getting lost in the maze again. It was pretty hysterical and we all had a great time! Once we all made it out and purchased a ton of water to cool us all off, we bought tickets for the cow ride. That was another super fun experience!

It was a super fun ride. The tractor went a lot faster than I thought it would and it was a great ride through the corn fields.

After the ride we headed over to some other fun activities.

A mini hay maze.

A huge pit of corn kernels. This was beyond fun!

A great day at the pumpkin patch. We will definitely be back to this one!

We were invited to a Halloween party. Kurt and I are not Halloween people. It is both of our least favorite holiday so we don't have super cool costumes. We really struggled with what to wear. Kurt ended up going as a dirt biker and I went as a nurse in some scrubs that I purchased years ago. (By the way - scrubs are super comfy!)

At the party we played GIANT Jenga. It was pretty awesome!

Our friends, Steve and Christine, went as Velma and Fred. They always have awesome costumes! Every year!

Cooper got in the Halloween spirit too.

For school, Trevor could wear a nursery rhyme character. He didn't want to wear a costume until the night before and then he decided that he did want to wear something. We frantically tried to come up with a costume for him. We settled on a mouse from Three Blind Mice. We found all grey clothes and Kayla stayed up quite late making him some cute little mouse ears. The next morning I got him up and dressed. I got a cute little mouse nose and whiskers on his face and then . . .

He decided he wanted nothing to do with the mouse costume! 

So we used it for someone else:

I was able to help with Trevor's Halloween party at school. Always a fun activity.

Halloween night we went Trick or Treating with the Fife's (Steve and Christine's family). We had a Scott Sterling (for you Studio C fans), a blind mouse (we sure got good use out of those ears!), a hot dog and a little Mario.

It was a very fun Halloween.

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