January 18, 2017

San Diego Reception

November - we headed down for a quick trip to San Diego for our nephew, Josh's, reception. The morning of the reception we headed to La Jolla beach. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time relaxing on the beach.

Baby Elliott chilling in his sand chair.

Josh and his lovely wife, Rebecca, rented a house for their reception. It had a beautiful view. 

Josh smoked tri tip for tri tip sandwiches and they were delicious! We were about 1/2 way home and Kurt was seriously tempted to turn around and go back for another sandwich! They were so good!

Trevor loved playing with his cousin, or I guess his 2nd cousin or ??? Trevor is cousins with Oliver's mom, Brittany. So I am really not sure what their exact titles are for each other. Regardless, they had a blast playing together!

Just before we left, we decided to take family pictures. We should have done it earlier in the night because at this point T was tired and not to happy to take pictures.

Me and Josh being funny while Kurt was trying to get everyone in this room for pictures.

Us and the newlyweds, Josh and Rebecca.

Us and the other newlyweds, Tyler and Schyler. They were married in January.

Us and the other newlyweds, Sierra and Tyler. They were married in June.

Yes, you counted that right. 3 weddings in one year! This family had a very busy and exciting year!

Here we are with Greg, Margo and all the newlyweds. We decided to take pictures after Brittany had already left with her sweet little family so we don't have a picture of them. Bummer!

What a great family! We love spending time with them!

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