January 22, 2017

Birthday Party Day!

November - So I am the worst, and I mean THE WORST, at throwing birthday parties. I am just not a party person. My poor kids. 

I used to do really good and throw big parties but I just don't seem to pull them off anymore. Evan's birthday was in September but he hadn't had a party yet. Hailey's birthday was the beginning of November and she hadn't had a party yet either. So I just bit the bullet and planned 2 parties for 1 day.

So, basically, I am crazy.

I planned them (like the week before) for the Monday of Thanksgiving break. 

For Evan's party, I took him and a few friends to SkyZone and let them bounce their little hearts out. Since it was a holiday week, I purchased the tickets online so that the time slot I wanted wouldn't sell out. One of the boys ended up not being able to attend so I had one extra ticket so I decided to use it for myself. 

I had a great time but definitely realized how uncoordinated I am. I face planted. Twice. Not my prettiest moments but I had fun nonetheless.

Then I brought the boys home for treats, presents and play time.

One party down. One to go!

Hailey turned 14 and had some friends over. They had a great time being girls.

Whew! Survived 2 parties in one day.

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