June 25, 2017

March - Fun times

March 2nd - T's class had a party for Dr. Seuss' birthday. I signed up to make Oobleck. I had no idea what that stuff was but the teacher sent a link to the recipe and it didn't seem too hard so I volunteered. That stuff was so cool! Kayla and I had so much fun making it and, of course, we had to test it out. Super fun!

We decided that for a family activity we need to make it again. So when everyone got home, we made more Oobleck. I might have cleaned Walmart out of all their cornstarch. We used a lot of that stuff!

Everyone made their own colors.

It stayed pretty clean but then we lost control. There was Oobleck everywhere!

Even the dog got Ooblecked!

It was a great family activity! I highly recommend it. Just be prepared for the mess!

March 11th - I can't remember how it all came to be but a group bike ride got pulled together. We love bike rides! We all rode down to the big rose statue / sculpture thing and the Eureka Rd. exit off Hwy 80.

Back when Kayla was in 5th grade, she entered an art contest that was for 5th graders from all over the area. Kayla was on of the 5th graders chosen to display her creation at that sculpture. We had to check to make sure it was still there. Yep, it was!

The girls had a great time playing under the sculpture. Silly girls!

Here is our biking gang! We had 4 adults and 9 kids. We were quite the herd coming down the trail!

March 24 - the school and a run to earn money. It was called the Revolution Run and I signed us up to participate. They did a great job of promoting the smoothie truck that was going to be there the day before. Some little kindergartener was adamant he needed a smoothie from the smoothie truck. So after school we got the $7 smoothie. 

The next day we went back for the actual running.

They have lots of "booths" set up for vendors to display their services. The City of Roseville Police Department always has their trucks and gear out there. The boys sat in the back of a truck.

There is also always a little petting zoo. Here they are with a goat. 

Ready to run with their buddy!

They also had some princesses there for the little girls. Well, maybe for the big girls too. Hailey found her dream job. She can actually get paid to dress up like a princess and go to parties. She can't wait!

March was a pretty fun month!

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