June 28, 2017

April ~ The BIG 4-0

That's right ~ I turned the big 4-0 in April. 

Some people have a hard time turning 40 but I didn't. It was great. I mentioned before that I thought I had lost a lot of photos but I found them on an external hard drive. Well, that was right before my birthday and, apparently, when they were dropped onto that hard drive, they got all mixed up and were not in folders so I started sorting them into folders. I really loved looking back over all our photos since 2003. I re-watched my kids grow up and saw all the fun and wonderful things we have done as a family. I think that was the best present ever! I had a lot of fun working on that project. So that's what I did for my birthday. Everyone cleaned the house and did things for me and just let me work on my project.

Kurt came home with some surprises:

And I was so focused on my project that I didn't even hear them decorate for my birthday. I was sitting in the room right above this and didn't hear a thing. I came down to a fun surprise!

I love this little crew of mine! They are such blessings to me! I couldn't imagine my life without them. I had a great 40th birthday!

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