June 27, 2017

April ~ The Evan's Cabin ~ Trip #1

April - Our good friends, Doug and Rebecca (the same Doug that coaches the basketball team), have been working their tails off to complete a cabin that Doug's dad started a long time ago. And they are amazing! They are doing such a great job! And working so hard!

Well, one day over Spring Break, it was raining so Kurt wasn't going to be working and we were laying in bed trying to figure out what to do with our day. We started talking about how much we wanted to help Doug and Rebecca and Kurt said "let's go. Today. Right now. And help." We knew they were at the cabin working so this was a perfect opportunity to go. I sent them a text asking if we could come and then we tried to figure out what we would do with the kids because we thought their 4 kids + our 4 kids in a house that is under construction would be a lot of kids in a construction zone. Well, as we discussed this, another friend, Christine, called and asked if our kids could come over for the day. She was having her kids do science experiments all day and wanted our kids to join them. Can you say PERFECT!? I mean the stars totally aligned with that one! Divine intervention!

So we got up, got dressed, dropped of the kids and headed to the cabin. 

Rebecca and I were sent to the hardware store to get plumbing supplies. She is not a plumber and I am not a plumber so that was so fun. We sat on the floor trying to figure out what we needed. So much fun working together and 2 heads are always better than 1!

Kurt priming the ceiling.

Kurt and Doug hooking up the bathroom sinks with those plumbing supplies we bought. Rebecca and I are plumbing pros now! Ha ha!

Me and Avery priming the hallway.

We had so much fun working with them! It was a great day and I hope we were helpful!

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