June 29, 2017

April ~ The Evan's Cabin ~ Trip #2

When we got home from our first trip to the Evan's cabin, our kids asked what we had worked on and they desperately wanted to help too. So I called Rebecca and said "if you guys want more helpers, we would love to come again!" So we planned for the last weekend in April to go and help as a whole family.

When we got there, their kids quickly introduced our kids to their salamander friend, Sal.

We worked on outside electrical this time. The girls are now plug installing pros!

And we were right, 8 kids in a house under construction is a lot. You are trying to work but they are getting into things so by that afternoon, Rebecca and I decided to take the kids down to the lake that is in the community. They had a great time playing in the sand and running on the beach. 

Kayla and Grayson built this little temple in the sand.

The moms at the lake.

We stopped at the store to stock up on food. This adorable little critter was begging for food so we took him home with us!

We worked the next day too but then reached a time that we needed to get the kids out of the house for awhile. Rebecca had told her kids she would take them horseback riding but it just hadn't worked out up to this point so we decided to make it happen.

We couldn't do trail rides because the kids had to be 8 to go on trail rides and we had 2 kids under 8 plus little Gwen, who was 9 months old, so we had to do lead rides in the arena with Rebecca and I being the leads. 

We had 7 kids with us and Rebecca and I each had a horse. By the time we got through all the kids, we had each walked many, many miles around and around and around that arena. I wish I had turned on my walking app because I would love to know how far we each went!


 Hailey waiting for her turn. How she got so lucky for her helmet to match her shirt, I will never know!

 Trevor and Grayson


 Evan and Lincoln

I don't know about those horses but Rebecca and I were wiped out after this!

It was another wonderful trip helping them at the cabin. I don't think we were nearly as productive this trip with all the kids but Kurt was able to make a lot of progress in a bathroom installing tile so hopefully we were more helpful than distracting!

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