June 22, 2017

January - Basketball Season

Trevor has watched big brother play basketball for many seasons now and has just waited and waited his turn and the time finally came. We signed him up to play the winter season. Evan plays with a friend, Lincoln. Well, Lincoln has a little brother, Grayson, who is Trevor's age so since the big boys play together, we had to sign the little brothers to play together too. Grayson's uncle was going to coach a team so we signed up to be on his team. It was a family affair!

There was a little miscommunication somewhere along the lines and the uncle ended up coaching a 1st/2nd grade team so our little kinder boys ended up on a 1st/2nd grade team. We were not too thrilled about this. It was their first time playing and there is a big difference between kinders and 2nd graders so we were worried about them being pushed around and not getting the ball at all.

Aren't they just the cutest?

Trevor tried so hard. It was the cutest thing. He wanted to play like big brother so bad. He ran his little heart out and had his hands up, jumping to try to block other kids (whether they had the ball or not!) and just worked so hard. He rarely got the ball but that didn't stop him from trying his best.

One game, the ref took pity on him and took the ball from another player (who always had the ball) and just handed it to Trevor so he could at least touch the ball. He ran it down and shot. He missed but he felt like such a big kid!

The same game, the ref gave the ball to T again.

Overall, he had a good time. He probably didn't know a difference but I think if he had been on a kinder team, he would have had more fun but oh well. It was all good. He actually even made a basket one game. That kid was so excited! Kurt and I might have gone a little bit crazy in the stands! He glowed! It was awesome!

At the end of the season, he got a trophy. That was all he needed. He was a happy camper!

And he was carried out in style! It pays to be the youngest!

Evan also played the winter season. He had a great team. Lincoln's dad, Doug, coached again. His team started off undefeated for most of the season. They worked really good together. Their team had moved up into the 5th/6th grade bracket. Evan is so small compared to kids his age so I was really worried about him going up against some large 6th graders. With his size, Evan has speed on his side. He may be tiny but he is quick!

Near the end of the season, the team lost their mojo. They suffered some serious losses. I don't know what happened but they were off and (if I remember correctly) lost their last few games bad. They went into their first playoff game playing a team they had creamed earlier in the season but this time they were behind the whole game. I wish I could remember all the details and how it went but with a second (literally 1 second!) on the board, they pulled ahead by 1. It was the most intense comeback ever. It was a great game. That moved them onto the next game in the play offs. They again played a team they had creamed earlier but it was a tough fight. They fought hard and won again! So off to the championship game they went. 

Unfortunately, the team they had to play in that game was one that had creamed them. We knew it was going to be a tough fight. They fought hard but they were no match for the other team. That team could make 3 pointers like crazy! They were good and definitely deserved to win. It was a great season!

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