June 23, 2017

February - Camping Trip to Dillon Beach

We hadn't been camping since August last year so we were having some serious withdrawals! We decided we needed to get out so we went to our favorite spot, Dillon Beach. There is a site that we can NEVER get. It is a huge corner site right next to the dunes and it gets snatched up so fast! We have tried for years to get it but no such luck.

Until this weekend! Marty got on the website and lo-and-behold it was available! He snatched it up along with 2 sites next to it. Marty's friends, Gary and Shannon, were going to go with us too. Kayla ended up having a party on that Friday night (that she refused to miss) and Evan had an early basketball game Saturday morning that we felt bad for missing. Nik was also on the team with Evan and Lincoln and I felt really bad taking 2 players away for a camping trip. We decided that I would stay home with Kayla and Evan and they would attend their activities and then we would drive down Saturday morning. Kurt, Hailey and Trevor all drove down on Friday and set up camp.

Well, remember all that rain we have had? If not, we had a very rainy season, which was great because we needed it, BUT it caused a problem. That corner site was flooded. FLOODED! The one weekend we finally get it and it was flooded from all the rain. The campground called Thursday to let us know and said we could stay in any other site that wasn't flooded. What a bummer! So when they got down there, they had to pick another site.

Saturday they went crabbing and got some good ones!

This weekend happened to be SuperBowl weekend and apparently between all the rain and the "big game" no one else decided to go camping. We had the entire, and I literally mean THE ENTIRE, pasture/meadow area to ourselves. There wasn't a single other camper in there except us 3 families. 


Usually all this is filled with campers but not this weekend.

Sunday we took a walk along the beach. It was a beautiful day!

Hailey played fetch with Bella and Cooper.

Evan found this piece of drift wood and, for some reason, was determined to drag it all the way back to camp, which was over a mile away! And included sand dunes he had to cross! Crazy kid! We told him fine but that we wouldn't help him. He had to get it back himself. He said he would do it.

Eventually he recruited some help from Nik.

And then pretty soon they got Carter to help them.

It was a team effort but that boy got that piece of wood all the way back to camp! I love his determination and willingness to work hard for something he wants. That lovely piece of wood in now in our garage and is in the process of being turned it into a shelf for his room. An awesome souvenir of his hard work!

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