June 24, 2017

February - ATV riding

Our niece, Brittany, and her cute family came up for Maddie's baptism. It was a beautiful baptism! I can't believe her dad, Kaulana, is old enough to have a kid that is old enough to get baptized. I think Brittany and Kaulana were like 10 when I met them and now they are married with kids that are growing up! I am feeling so old! Time flies!

After the baptism, we all went ATV / dirt bike riding out at Prairie City. I really like Prairie City for when you have a large group. There is a lot of fun areas to ride around it but it is all located around the hangout sites. They are not camping sites just day use sites. It is really convenient for taking turns with all the toys. Trail riding is harder with large groups because you want to just keep going on the trail but you have to stop and go back to let others have a turn. Prairie City just seems to work good for large groups.

This is Kurt, Hailey and Trevor with Brittany's kids Kennedy and Oliver.

T with his new helmet on. He out-grew his old one.

Uncle Rick, Auntie April and I don't know who in the back seat. Those helmets make it hard in pictures!

Evan playing with Kaulana's youngest, Beckett.

Brittany with her kiddos - Kennedy, Maverick and Oliver.

Ready to ride!

Oh my gosh! I just love this picture! Beckett and Maverick are ready for some fun! They are just too stinkin' cute!

Ok, so here's what happened. I didn't ride while everyone was there because I can go anytime and I like to make sure everyone gets plenty of turns so I usually hang at "base camp" and eat all the snacks spend time with family. Well, all the little kiddos got tired so the other families took off but we decided that we would stay a little bit longer. Kurt convinced me to go out for a quick ride before we left. So I did. And there were puddles. And I have this thing with puddles. I love them. 

Since we had had all that rain, there were lots and lots of puddles. Honestly, everybody had been riding all day and no one came back in the Teryx soaked. Not even damp. I hit that first puddle and a wall of water came up and over the hood of the Teryx. Kayla (who was sitting in the front seat) and I got soaked! And I started giggling. I seriously love puddles. I don't know what it is but I go a little nuts. So I kept driving through puddles and walls of water kept crashing over and into the Teryx. The more puddles I hit, the more I giggled. We had only been gone a few minutes and I was laughing so hard I couldn't drive. My goggles were covered in mud and I kept wiping them to clear them but I couldn't see very well which only made me laugh harder. My kids thought I had completely lost it. I had tears running down my face. IT. WAS. THE. BEST!!!

So after only being out for about 10 minutes, we come back to camp with the Teryx covered in mud and Kayla and I dripping wet. Like down to our undies wet! My jacket was drenched.

Pictures just don't show the actual damage done.

But here is the back of Kayla's legs. Her pants were completely wet except a little line on the back where they were touching the seat. That was the only dry spot on them.

Oh my. I laughed so hard. It was awesome. And my kids learned a very valuable lesson that day - if there are puddles, mom will go crazy and you will get wet. There, now you have all been warned.

We came home and this little man crashed hard on the couch.

Oh, just look at that precious little face. Melts my heart!

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