May 18, 2009


So here is our booth.

I'm not sure if you can actually call it a booth because technically, I think it would classify as a yard.
Kurt does an amazing job. Everyone is always blown away by his "booths". I think he has the best booths! (I realize I may be a bit biased but I am incredibly proud of my man!)
I teased him that every year his booth keeps getting bigger and bigger. He explained that it wasn't getting bigger but that the bathrooms (which are straight across from the booth) are getting closer. Ahhh, that makes sense! Funny boy!
Here is a better shot of the deck with the fireplace behind it.
Here is the only shot we have of the deck. You can get a good idea of how pretty it was.

Here is a picture of the BBQ island - decorated by April!
And the sad new is that was all torn out today.
No longer there.

Kurt has had this particular spot for several years now and the kids have been going up there since they were little to see "Daddy's work". There is a tree that the kids love to climb.

Here is shot of our little monkeys this year:

We have been taking pictures of them in this tree every show - 2 shows a year for 4 years now. Here are their first pics and this years pics.

Evan then (1 1/2):

Evan now:

Hailey then (1 1/2):

(Not the best pic, I realize. I have better ones but I just can't find them)
Found a better picture:

Hailey now:

Kayla then (3):

Kayla now:

Funny - I just noticed the girls are in the same colors as when they were little. Ironic!

Have I mentioned how much we love this guy?

Every night when he comes home the kids run out and climb into the truck before he can even get out so they can give him hugs and kisses.

So much love!


Melissa said...

So amazing!!! I love the home show pictures (loved the last ones too)

Truman Family said...

HI Aunt Jen!
That booth looks so cool! More like a mini back yard that anyone and everyone dreams of having. I like it! Isn't it funny how pictures of people usually match; my brothers and sister's little kids pictures match the ones taken more recently. It makes pictures fun to look at.
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