May 17, 2009

Husband? What Husband?

That's right - it is home show time again which means that for the last 2 weeks Kurt has basically been MIA. We get glimpses of him here and there so we know he is still around - haha. It always amazes me how a 3 day show can consume so much time getting everything ready and organized. 

In all honesty we know our knight in shining armor is out battling the dragons in 100+ degree temps so he can provide and protect our family. We are so grateful to him and his dedication to our family and company. He truly is our warrior and we are so proud of him. 

If I can get some good pics of the booth I will post them. It is unbelievable and pictures just won't do it justice but hopefully we can get some decent ones. This show is outside and Kurt invited a custom home builder to join him in his booth. The booth includes:  a facade of a back of a house, beautiful trex deck, huge and beefy arbor, rock fireplace, pavers, walls, water feature, BBQ with granite tile and many other amazing elements. April did a wonderful job decorating the booth (I think we may just have her come decorate our house for us - she has a special talent!). My mom said that she always wonders how Kurt is going to top what he did the previous year but that he always manages to do it. I am scared to see what next year will bring!

With Kurt gone so much I have time to think and ponder about things. For example, what song would be a good theme song for me or what slogan would fit my life - you know, the important things of life! Ha ha! Anyways, this morning I had a revelation: I was thinking about my theme song and I concluded that my song should be from Alice in Wonderland, the little white rabbit "I'm late, I'm late, no time for this, no time for late, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late". (I can't remember the actual words but it is something like that).

This made me sad.

Sad because it is so true. 

I rush from one thing to the next, to the next, to the next, all day long. I rush to get the kids up, rush to make lunches, rush to get them to school, rush to the office, rush to get as much work done as possible, rush to pick the girls up from school, rush home, rush to get homework done, rush to finish the work I brought home, rush to cook dinner, rush to do dishes, rush to get everyone to bed and then collapse. I always feel like I have an anxious need to hurry and get to the next thing. No wonder I am EXHAUSTED all the time!

But Saturday opened my eyes - it was a great day. The kids and I just took our time running errands and we had a great time. I wasn't so snappy, they weren't so whiney and we were all happy. Yes, I had 100 things to do but for some reason I didn't feel the need to rush and it was wonderful!

My doctor once told me that my kidneys are spilling protein because my internal RPM's are revved too high - meaning I push myself to go too fast and my body is paying the price. I guess I have just become accustomed to living at that speed and didn't realize I was still doing it; not until Saturday anyways. Even as I sit here typing I have this anxious feeling to get up and go, go go! But I am using all my strength to sit here, relax and type.

I need to learn to chill, to relax, to enjoy the moment. 

So this is my goal - SLOW DOWN.

Wish me luck!

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Paul White said...

Once you figure to do that and relax life will come easier!! there are far too many stresses in life!!

if it takes you to wake up 15 minutes earlier then anyone else or 15 minutes earlier then you already do that will help!!

sometimes it takes something in life to happen that forces you to slow down and enjoy life for what it is and realize that some things are just static no matter how well intentioned someone else's pushing and prodding is!! only you know you limits!!

Did you have a nice mothers day???