May 6, 2009

Say What?

So my ears are still clogged - that makes 8 days now. I took my last antibiotic last night so I am hoping that my ears "pop" soon. I feel like I have been living up in an airplane or underwater or something. I can do ok but I have to focus on who is talking to me and if there is any back ground noise, i.e. kids talking, tv, fan blowing, etc. I have a really hard time hearing what the person is saying.

Kurt and the kids have gotten quite the kick out of my answers to some of their questions. I would give an answer to the question that I thought I heard but apparently they asked a completely different question and therefore my answer would make no sense at all or go against the rules (like eating upstairs - the kids tried to jump all over this one).

It has been quite funny but I am done with clogged ears. If only I could yawn or something to get them to pop but nothing has worked thus far.

Any suggestions?


Shannon said...

No fun, well I guess a little fun for your family with your answers to their questions. I'm sure you've already tried this but thought I'd tell you just in case. When my ears are plugged, I plug my nose, and go through the motion of blowing air out of my mouth except I keep my lips shut, not letting any air escape. Blow hard and hold the pressure for a while, this pushes the air back into your ear canal. Now that I read this, it sounds wierd, but I guess it's kinda like holding in a sneeze. Hopefully something works for you. Take care.

Truman Family said...

HI Aunt Jen!
We've had some ear aches too. Try pouring a top-ful of hydrogen peroxide (H.P.) into each ear, but make sure you are lying with your ear horizontal and let someone else do the pouring. I'll warn you- it will feel like your ear is full of cold water all bubbling. Then when you can't feel any more bubblings and no one can see any, sit up and soak all the H.P. out of your ear with a tissue. It has always cleared me and my brothers and sisters right up if we can stand the H.P. till the bubbling stops. The H.P. usually can be bought at a grocery store in a big brown bottle, if you don't already have it. It is a great thing; it cleans up dried blood (if somebody had a nose bleed or something) and other bad stains from carpet and clothing. It is also great for experiments; just pour some of it into a plastic cup and dump things like dirt other stuff from the yard to see if it fizzes or not. I hope it works if you have not already tried it. It's not as dangerous as it sounds.
Jessica Truman and the Truman family