May 22, 2009

Another exciting Friday night!

Yes, it is another exciting Friday night in our house. And no, it did not include another run to Walmart for TP! Ha ha!

The girls are spending the night at Grammy and Papa’s and Evan had a neighbors birthday party to attend so Kurt and I had the night to our selves. FREEDOM!

F to the R to the E to the E to the D to the O to the M!


So what did we do, you might ask, with all our freedom? Well, I watched a movie while Kurt slept.

Yes, my date was out cold on the couch at 6 pm. Ya-who - what a night! I knew he would be tired after working another really long, hard week (yesterday he worked side-by-side with our guys for 13.5 hours!) but I thought I might at least get dinner out of him. No such luck - I had Nilla Wafers for dinner. Later I found some almonds and some frozen rolls that I warmed up, which I am currently eating. Along with some weird juice but whatever, it’s food.

Now, back in the dating days, I would say that a date asleep on the couch at 6 pm was not a good sign and that maybe the date wasn’t going so good. 

But in married life it means something completely different. 

It means security, comfort, commitment.

It means that my man worked his tush off the last 12 days without 1 day of rest (remember he worked the home-show all last weekend). Not only did he do his normal job of running the crews but he was out working with the crews, driving the bobcat, digging dirt, dealing with cranky homeowners (what was up with people last week?). 

This man worked the equivalent of 3 men the last 2 weeks so I will gladly sit here and watch a movie while he gets the much needed, much deserved rest. I didn’t have the heart to wake him to ask to go out for dinner. 

He sacrificed so much for us these last few weeks, I will happily eat Nilla Wafers, almonds, rolls and funky juice for dinner.

But I do have to say: I’ve gotta go shopping!


Melissa said...

That's awesome! We always had funky dinners when we were single. It all works out in the end!

Andrew and Cori said...

You make me laugh!! We have nights like that too... except lately I am the one fast asleep while poor Andrew hangs out alone. Maybe if I could find a time to not be pregnant or have a newborn around we could change that... :) I am hopeful that time will come next year- man, that seems far away! Next time you should order food from somewhere and have it delivered. :)