May 26, 2009

Healthy Eaters Unite!

So we try to be healthy eaters. We do good for awhile but then get rushed, lazy or forgetful and I end up buying food with all the preservative and yucky stuff in them. Then the mom-guilt sets in and you know how that goes.

I struggle with understanding labels and knowing if something is as healthy as the label claims.

I am looking for ideas for healthy foods / snacks / dinners / lunches / etc. 


I don't like to buy things that we haven't tried because I don't like throwing food away so if you have any suggestions that your family loves, I am all ears! I went to Trader Joe's today and got some food that friends had recommended and we had tried at their houses. 

I got on a recipe website and looked for healthy recipes and found 1 we really liked (plus it was really easy too - can you say Crock-pot?!) and 2 that we thought were good.

With work, I just don't have a lot of time to research foods, recipes, etc and could use any help anyone is willing to give!


emily :) said...

I have the same problem quite often, but here are a couple of our favorites:
This one is a crock-pot recipe!:
In fact, there are a lot of recipes that we enjoy at the Kraft website
Also, another favorite website is Cooking Light:
It's a great time for easy, quick salads too ;) Good Luck, it's an uphill battle! :)

Melissa said...

My friend Eryn makes the most amazing food and it's healthy and different and fresh and so so yummy! My kids will try it if it's an "Eryn Todd recipe". And my kids do not like to try new things! I have a link to her blog on mine, it's called "second day cafe" Check it out, you will not be disapointed.