June 27, 2014

At some point life is hard for everyone so just be nice.

Everyone knows we have had our fair share of hard times around here. But it is not just us. We know so many people that are having hard times. We have friends who were expecting triplets. I say "were" because the babies were born on Wednesday at 20 weeks 2 days gestation. Talk about hard. I don't even know that kind of hard. My heart just breaks for them. I wish I could ease some of their pain.

I remember just after my mom passed away, I was at Target and someone was rude to me. I can't remember exactly what they did but I very vividly remember feeling like I wanted to break down in tears and yell "don't you know I just lost my mom!" but, of course, I didn't. It just made me realize that you never know what someone else is going through. You never know who is going through their hard time. They may look together on the outside but inside, they may be a mess. I have been in that state. A lot. And it's hard. And when someone is mean, it just crushes you so, please, just be nice to everyone.

When someone goes out of their way to do or say something nice, it just feels so good. It feels like you can take a little bit deeper breath. It helps you feel like you can keep going and get through what ever hard time you are going through. And it makes a world of difference.

So when you see someone who is doing something that you think is ridiculous or crazy or rude, remember, they may be going through something really tough and aren't quite thinking straight. They may be distracted by something going on in their world and they are still trying to function and keep everything together. Give them the benefit of the doubt and be nice.

I guess what I am saying is JUST BE NICE TO EVERYONE, whether they deserve it or not. One day you may be the one on the tough side of things and trust me, you will so appreciate someone being nice and kind instead of rude or getting frustrated with you.

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Jessica said...

So true. Thanks for the reminder :)