June 18, 2014

In Our Neck of the Woods . . .

life is just continuing on. And it seems to be going faster and faster! I want to get back into blogging again so I thought I would shake things up around here to motivate me to post more often.

Kurt is continuing to get stronger and have more energy. He only naps a few times a week now and he has the desire and the drive to do more things, which is a good sign. He had a check up about a month ago. They did another ct scan to check and see what was happening inside. The bummer part was that we found out that the doctor that we liked is no longer with Mercy. Urgh! So we had to see her partner, who we didn't like as much because he seems to be quicker with us and not take as much time to explain things or talk about things. Also, from the very beginning he hasn't wanted to touch the problem. At least the other doctor was willing to do the surgery if that was what needed to be done. We are just worried that he doesn't want to do the surgery so he may keep waiting instead of going forward with it if that is what was needed. Anyways, the ct scan results came back good. The aneurysm has shrunk, which is a good sign. The inflammation around the damaged area has gone down, which is a good sign. And the hepatic artery (the one that goes to the liver and was completely clogged) actually has a trickle of blood getting through it so his body is trying to heal what it can and adjust to the damage done. All good signs. So we wait and they will rescan him and check again in 3 months. So we will once again, wait and see.

My surgery went really well. I have regained my energy and feel I am actually making progress of getting back on top of everything instead of falling further and further behind. It is a very nice feeling!

In the meanwhile, life has just been continuing on. T learned how to ride a 2 wheeler bike at just 2 years old! It was crazy. He rode all around on his Strider bike and could balance like a madman so we just had to get him to master the art of pedaling. Oh, and then there was teaching him to use the brakes - we are still working on that skill. He LOVES to ride his bike like a big boy and his confidence has grown tremendously.

In our house, when you can ride your bike all the way around the park without stopping or needing any help, you earn yourself your very own "tube" of Oreos. Boy, was this boy proud on that day! Of course, we didn't let him eat the whole thing by himself but he did get to eat quite a few to celebrate his accomplishment.

Awhile ago I was at my parent's house and noticed some pictures I really loved of my mom and dad. I thought about them for weeks, if not months, and finally thought to ask my dad if I could borrow them and scan them into my computer. Of course, he said yes, so now I have them. I have to find a way to print them professionally so I can have them in my house. Here are my favs:

The sad thing is that Trevor looks at these pictures and says "there's papa" and he looks at my mom with a questioning face and says "who's dat?" Makes me sad. He didn't ever know her here on this earth. I am sure he knew her in heaven before he was born but boy, it sure breaks my heart that he looks at her like she is a stranger. =-(

Kurt's doctor hasn't fully released him to full activity and one of the things he still can not do is ride his dirt bike. Honestly, I think it will be awhile before he is allowed back on that toy. His doctor may release him WAAAAY before his wife does.  ;-)

Kurt has been itching to get out and riding so we went for a ride a few weekends ago. He had to ride in the Teryx with T and me. It was beautiful. We went nice and early and it was just perfect. The weather was great, there were hardly any other people there and we could just cruise.

Evan hadn't been on his dirt bike since January so he was a little timid at first but it didn't take him long to remember the feel of the dirt bike. He was definitely wiped out when we got back though. I guess his endurance has suffered from the lack of riding lately.

It was just beautiful! We really enjoyed getting out and exploring a new area.

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