June 25, 2014

Random Fun

Just some random fun from our house:

T found some ear buds and thought he was pretty cool walking around with them. 

Of course we all thought he was pretty cool too!

A few months ago we took the kids mini golfing. It was T's first time and he loved it!

Notice the ball in the hole? He was pretty good about getting it in there.

And was so proud of himself for his accomplishments!

Daddy and T. I just LOVE to see dad's teaching their kids. And Kurt is one of the best dads I know who is such a great teacher. Our kids are so blessed to have him as a dad.

At our ward Easter breakfast, a family brought their bunnies and let the kids hold them and play with them. Trevor just loved holding the bunny.

Hailey is such a little mommy. She is sooooo good with T and took him over to the bunnies so I could actually have a conversation with another adult. Hailey is going to be an amazing mommy some day. In the far future. The far, far future!

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