June 22, 2014

And the medical saga continues

When it rains it pours, right? Well we apparently have a cloud over our heads that just won't go away! Kayla is the only one that hasn't been directly affected by this stinkin' cloud and she is threatening to move out to get away from us and the cloud - ha ha, funny girl!

The last year has been crazy. One thing after another, after another. Not all things were bad or sad, thank goodness, but it has all kept us busy and on our toes. 

In the last year:
Trevor broke his arm (July)
My grandma passed away (August)
We went to LA for grandma's funeral (October)
Hosted Thanksgiving (November)
Hosted Evan's baptism (November)
Cody got sick and passed away (December)
Kurt was hospitalized (February)
My cyst was discovered (April)
My surgery (May)
Hailey got an infection in her newly pierced ears (May) (She is claiming this as her affliction so she doesn't get something more serious. Luckily we were able to clear it up and she didn't lose the piercing.)

And now, the latest White to need medical treatment:

There is not a baby in that ultrasound picture so stop looking for one! Sheesh! =-)

There is, however, a cyst and if you can see it, you should be an ultrasound technician! The white arch is a bone and the darker spot to the top left of the bone is the cyst. On the bottom of Evan's big toe. That needs to be surgically removed. I. Am. Not. Kidding. Another White needs surgery.

So Evan is the next lucky member of our family to go in for treatment. His surgery is schedule for July 11 - T's birthday - but with travel plans and the doctors schedule, it was the next available day. And with soccer season quickly approaching in August, we wanted to get this taken care of right away so that he will be healed and ready to play.

He will be our first child to go in for surgery. He is nervous, poor kid, and asks questions daily about the surgery but he will do great and be all ready to play in no time.

Oh, here is a picture of his x-ray. You can't see the cyst in this picture but I thought it was a cool pic of all the bones that are in your feet.

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