June 20, 2014

Father's Day and how our moms {most likely} saved Evan's life

For Father's Day, Kurt wanted to go riding again so Saturday we headed back up to the spot we went last time. This time we made the girls go with us because if was for Father's Day. They are getting to be teens that like to do their own thing, especially when we are riding. They don't find it loads of fun to ride around in the Teryx and Kayla refuses to wear a helmet so it gets a little challenging getting them to go with us.

Kurt had a youth temple trip that he attended that morning so we didn't head out of here until about noon. I kept having this thought in my mind that it was going to be dangerous for Evan. The last time we went, it was in the morning and no one was there. This time it was later in the day and so I knew it would be more crowded and I was worried about Evan's safety. Usually, when Kurt rides his bike, he is right next to Evan or very close to him. When Evan rides his bike and we are in the Teryx, he rides in front of us so that we can see him. If he is behind us then he is eating our dust the entire time, which is no fun, and if he falls we can't see him. Also, if I am riding with my body turned around trying to see him while we are bouncing around on a trail, it is very jarring to the back so it is better if he rides in front of us. The problem is that he is then the front rider and we can't be right next to him because we are too big. This trail was more like a really rough road so there are all sorts of 4-wheel drive vehicles on it - from bikes to ATV's to huge 4x4 trucks - and my worry was that one of these trucks would be coming toward us and wouldn't see him on his little bike until it was too late. I tend to be a worry-wart parent so I wasn't sure if I was just worrying or if the spirit was trying to warn me about the dangers.

Kurt loaded everything up at the house and Evan's bike started right up and ran great. When we got up there, Kurt unloaded everything and, again, Evan's bike started right up and ran great. Kurt walked over to the office to pay the parking fee and use the bathroom before we left. I finished loading up the Teryx and was going to drive over and pick him up but when we were ready to head over, Evan's bike would not start. We have never had problems with his bike before. It always just starts right up. It was really weird. Evan tried, I tried and we just couldn't get it started so we left it alone and went to pick up Kurt. We brought him back and tried again. It just would not start. Kurt tried everything. He even tried rolling down a hill and popping the clutch to get it to start. Nothing. While I was sitting there watching him try everything, I kept thinking: Evan is not suppose to be on that bike today. I finally walked over to where Kurt was working on it and told him that I thought this was a sign that Evan shouldn't ride his bike. I felt very strongly about it. Kurt, who usually doesn't like to give up and will work on something until he fixes it, agreed with me and started to put the bike away. It was kind of weird because usually he doesn't "give up" like that. So I feel very strongly that Evan's grandmas were standing there saying "there is no way our grandson is going on this trail today!" I am sure they were taking turns switching the bike to off or pinching the gas line or doing whatever was causing the bike not to start. 

We ended up squishing all 6 of us into the 4 seater Teryx and going on the trail. It was another beautiful day, although this time was a bit cooler. We went further around the lake and the wind coming off the lake was chilly! At the end of the trail we made rock stacks. We want to go back sometime and see if our stacks are still there.

T and his stack

Hailey and her stack

Evan and his stack

On the way back we decided to drive through the campground to check it out. It turns out they were having a HUGE remote control 4x4 truck convention. Everyone was walking around with remote control trucks driving in front of them. It was really neat. Evan has always wanted a BIG remote control truck just like these so him and Kurt were in heaven! We parked and got out to check out a course they had set up for them. It was a pretty neat thing. We had a lot of fun walking around and seeing all the different types of trucks and obstacle courses.

Also we found these HUGE swings. They were so tall that the swing really swung far. The kids had a great time playing on them. I made Kurt stand by the pole so you could see how tall they were. I guess I am getting old because they kind of made me sick to my stomach.

When we got back to the truck, Kurt tried the bike again and it still would not start. Nothing would get that thing to turn over. Very unusual. When we got home, it only took a few kicks and the thing started right up. Very, very unusual!

Honestly, there were a few times when a truck came towards us from around a corner and I wondered if they would have seen Evan if he had been in front of us. With the sun light, shady spots and shadows, I just don't know . . .

So all I can say is: Thanks moms!

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