July 3, 2014

More Random Fun

One night the boys had trouble falling asleep. Before I went to bed I decided to go in and check on them. When I opened the door, it hit something. Turned out they decided to sleep close to the door. Silly boys.

When I came home from my surgery, Evan brought in this lego creation for me. Can you read it?
It says "I love you." What a sweet little boy! 

Once upon a time there was a family who was always on time to church but one Sunday they just could not get out the door. No matter how hard the mom tried, something kept happening to delay their departure. She finally got everyone in the car and ready to go and discovered this:
One more clean up and they were ready to go. Of course, by this point, they were late but at least they made it.

Just before the end of school I got to go with Evan on a field trip to a hamburger farm. The hamburger farm is a pumpkin patch, that for the warm months, teaches kids about all the ingredients that go into making hamburgers. They get to ride in a train out to the fields and learn about growing lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers to make pickles, taking care of cows (to make cheese, not the meat), etc. When Evan's teacher took her class last year, the little train derailed and they were on the news. We were hoping that Mrs. Nethercut wasn't cursed with trains derailing when she was on them. Luckily, there were no train derailments this year! 

Here is Evan and you can see his teacher too.

Learning about the importance of bees.

Learning how to milk a {fake} cow.

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