July 7, 2014

And even more random fun.

One of the first days of summer vacation the kids built this fort. They said it was the entrance to their "Mom Free Zone." Conveniently the laundry room was located in their Mom Free Zone so I couldn't do laundry that day. Shucks! 

We have had the pleasure of some visitors this summer. We have 2 families of turkeys that come through our yard and they have 9 little babies. Oh, they are so cute! Unfortunately, they like the strawberries in our garden so they jump on the pots and pick at them. We have enjoyed having them so we haven't chased them out yet.

 Can you see the babies up in the pots?

One of our first swim days this summer T had forgotten that he could swim with his floaties on. It took him a little bit to warm up to trusting the floaties again but once he did, he was all over the pool. 

Just chillin'

He feel asleep on the way home and I thought it was just too cute. 

I love how he had his feet crossed.

Evan had Twilight Camp for the first time this summer. Twilight Camp is a daily camp for boy scouts. They get to go up everyday and do different activities. He had a great time. Kurt was signed up to help on Monday. It was 105*. I was signed up to help on Tuesday. It was 105*.  Hot doesn't begin to describe it. I was also assigned to help on Wednesday and luckily the temps dropped and there was a breeze. So much better.
One of the stations was to make a sword and shield. Boy did the boys have fun fighting each other. I am so grateful to the leaders who organized events like this. Wow. I wouldn't want to be in charge of all this. They did a great job!

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Lisa and Brian said...

We volunteered at Scout day camp too and it was brutally hot here as well. It is really hot every year. It can make for a very long, tiring day.