May 2, 2010


So tomorrows the day. Ready or not. And I am not. Only got 2 things done on my list. At least one of them was the laundry. So that makes me feel better.

Anyways, other news besides me and my stone:

On Thursday, Jenny (Kurt's sister) welcomed baby #8 into their family. His name is Braden and he ties the score at 4 boys and 4 girls. We'll have to wait and see if they go for a tie breaker! Welcome to the family Braden and Congrats Truman family! We can't wait to meet you, which we need to do before you move!

One of Kurt's other sisters, Margo, and her husband were down at the end of last week looking at houses. They put an offer on 2 houses, both within 10-15 minutes of our house. They currently live in the Portland area and are being transferred to our area. A few years ago we had 4 of Kurt's family members all within 2 hours of us and then they all moved away pretty close to the same time. We felt very abandoned. Well, we are slowly getting them back - first April and then Margo. We are so excited to have more family so close to us!

Sadly, yesterday, Kurt's Aunt Kay passed away. I met her once at a family reunion when I was pregnant with Hailey so that had to be about 8 years ago. (I tell time by pregnancies - isn't that weird?) She was such a cutie and so sweet. Kurt speaks with such love anytime he speaks about her. He says she always remembered birthdays and holidays and was super thoughtful. We know she will be missed here on Earth but that she is in Heaven with family and friends who love her dearly.


Honor said...

jenny has 8?! wow!!

good luck tomorrow.

B and Jessica said...

I hope all goes well! Good luck!

Robby, Amanda, and William said...

I hope everything went well yesterday! Let me know if you need any help :)