May 8, 2010


The procedure went really good and we were very happy with the care I received. I was worried about going under general anesthetics but my anesthesiologist was really good and even gave me some good meds so I didn't wake up getting sick. Nice! I was surprised to find out that I would be intubated and everything. I thought I was just going to be sleeping but nope. Everything went good so no worries (now).

Since I have trouble swallowing pills, they gave me a lovely cherry flavored codeine concoction. I spent the first 2 days sleepy and loopy from that. Day 3 was good but day 4 was a little rough. A stone must have been banging around in my kidney because it ached and was crampy all day. Yesterday was a good day though - actually got dressed in normal clothes AND did my makeup. I must be starting to feel normal again.

The stone was at the bottom of my kidney so all the pieces have to fight gravity to get up and out of the kidney. The dr. said swimming would help with that but maybe he didn't notice that it has been a bit chilly lately. The biggest risk is that a chunk will get stuck on its way out - at which time, I was told, I will drop to my knees in pain. Sounds lovely!

I just wish I knew if it was going to happen and, if so, could I time it so that I am not driving the car or in the middle of the grocery store with 3 kids or something like that. That would be great!

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The UnMaintained Family said...

Hang in there, girlfriend! RELAX! Let the healing process take hold... Just let Kurt do all the grocery shopping and driving!! ;0)