May 10, 2010

One Week

Well, its been one week since my procedure and now it is back to life as normal. Back to work (I missed 2 weeks - one week was for star testing with the girls and the other was recovery week. I am sure there is a load of stuff for me to do this morning but do you like how I am stalling by blogging! The boss isn't here - he he).

Anyways, I am done with "phase 1" of recovery - thank goodness - it was just plain annoying and gross. Glad to be finished with that! "Phase 2" isn't really dr. ordered but he said it would help. And that would be swimming. Hmmmm - still cold and I am a total whimp when it comes to cold water - no thank you! I need to find a really warmly heated pool! Too bad the spa isn't bigger - I am sure laps in the spa just won't cut it!

The scab on my back where the sound waves exited my body is healing nicely. It was about the size of a dime but is getting smaller and smaller. For something so small it sure can itch like crazy!

I am having a hard time meeting my fluid intake goal. I just don't like to drink - anything. Which is exactly why I have kidney stones - I just don't drink enough. I did pretty good the first 4 days but Friday and Saturday were tough ones. Sunday I did ok. Today I have to get my intake back up. Ugh I just feel like my eyeballs are already floating and I just don't want anymore! I feel like Dorie in Nemo "just keep drinking" - that is what I repeat to myself all day long!

My mom was amazing last week. She was there to help with everything: lunch, laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning, driving kids around, taking them for ice cream, getting them movies, swinging in the backyard, taking them to her house so I could rest. She was awesome! Thank you so much Mom for all your help! I love you!

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Judie and George said...

I am so glad you had help. I'm with you on the drinking. I finally started drinking warm water instead of cold and that helped me. It's a constant battle to push in enough fluids.