May 19, 2010

What do you get when . . .

your husband and the puppy make you Mother's Day breakfast?

A broken kitchen cabinet door, of course!

Apparently said husband and said puppy where playing chase. Details are unclear as to who was chasing who but none-the-less, the 80 pound, uncoordinated, doesn't have stopping or slowing-down skills mastered yet puppy, ran into the door - breaking it into two pieces that are being held together by only one tiny connection point.

I tried to get a picture of his accomplice with the broken door but mysteriously the door has disappeared. Hmmmm . . . hiding the evidence!

I did, however, get a very yummy breakfast with strawberries, crepes, OJ and whipped cream. So I guess it was totally worth it! (?)


Paul White said...

Too Funny.. sorry for the wrecked kitchen though the story provided a good chuckle!!

emily :) said...

Hilarious! :)