May 24, 2010

At Peace

Homeschool is going good. We are figuring out a system that works for us and working out the kinks.

It is funny though - when you tell people you homeschool, you get one of two reactions: either they are interested and ask questions or they judge you and criticize.

I had experieces of both last week.

The first was at Walmart - we went in to buy "P.E." supplies and the checker was asking why we were buying so much "exercise" stuff. I thought "here we go" and told her we did homeschool. She was very nice and said that she thought it was a good idea. She asked questions that I was very happy to answer.

The second was a lady that I called to get more information on a reading program for this summer. She started off asking nicely but quickly turned on me and I didn't see it coming so it took me a minute to hunker down and stand my ground.

What it comes down to is this (and I told that mean phone lady so): no, I am not perfect, no, I am not a qualified, licensed school teacher and yes, I am sure that I am not doing EVERYTHING perfectly that I should but I am a mom that will do anything for my children. I had a child that needed things that not only could public school not offer her, but the experience of being there was making it worse.

Kayla has gone from crying every night at bed time to happily going to bed confident and secure.

SHE is pushing herself out of her comfort box and trying new things that she would never have done before.

A few weeks ago we went to a Strawberry Festival and they had pony rides there. She wanted to do it but was scared. We always encourage and support her and then let her make the choice. I was sitting with a friend in the stands while Kurt was talking with her. I thought there was no way she was going to get on a pony. I looked up and there she was climbing on a pony with a big smile. I asked Kurt what he did and he said he didn't do anything - she decided to push herself.

Two weeks ago she got up and gave the scripture at church in Sharing time (which is a class at church for all the kids 8-12) and a few months ago it was a battle to even get her to go to sharing time, let alone participate.

Yesterday she got up and participated in singing time (during sharing time). Again, she NEVER would have done that before.

She still has challenges and things are hard for her sometimes but we have seen HUGE improvements in her confidence and her willingness to try new things. And that tells me that we made the right decision.

So, mean phone lady, say what you want, judge all you want but I know I am at peace with our decision.

Oh, and by the way, we are totally not doing your program this summer!


blastoffwiththebullocks said...

Good for you! Your children are so lucky to have a mom like you to take the time to teach them.

-Nicole (Dana's daughter)
Just wanted to let you know in case you were wondering :)

B and Jessica said...

I think it's great that you home school! I might be calling you for homeschool advice in a few years!

jared & amber said...

To be honest, I use to be ignorant and probably thought the worst about it, however, now having a child and thinking of what it's going to be like in 5 years when she goes to school I definitely see the benefits and may consider some form of it when the time comes.

You're a good mom to dedicate your time and energy to teaching your children and making sure they grow up with the confidence and skills they need to be sucessful in this life. They will thank you.

I too would be at peace if I were you! :)

Forever Green said...

Jenn, you are the greatest, mom, wife, woman, role model, EVERYTHING!!! Seriously, you are a great example to me.