June 2, 2010

What a crazy few days!

So we made plans with friends to go camping on Memorial Day. However, we never seemed to pick a place and make reservations. Not so good on Memorial Day. So we choose a place that was first come, first serve. They said as long as we were there by Friday at noon we should be ok. Kurt didn't want to risk it so he wanted to leave on Thursday.

And that was the plan until this happened:
Yep, that is our very own sink hole. Right under a huge display we put in at a new carwash. Notice the arbor post that is hanging in the air on the right? It was just hanging there! Very scary! The display is kind of like a permanent home show for us. And unfortunately, a sink hole happened right in the middle of it. It is hard to see exactly how big this is but it is approx. 17' long x 11' wide x 10' deep. Kurt spent all day Thursday at the car wash helping the landlord figure out what to do. So we didn't get to leave until Friday morning.

Then this happened:
That would be a blown tire on our trailer. In 3 years, this was our first traveling mishap.

We went to Ocean Cove which is on the coast north of Jenner. It was a beautiful camp ground, lots of grass to keep the kids clean =), and we had a wonderful view of the ocean. Saturday morning a helicopter flew over VERY LOW right along the ocean cliff which meant it was RIGHT over us. It seemed to go over every so often so we thought it was a scenic tour or something until it landed in the campground. That's right - it landed right in the campground. We all went running down to check it out:
It turned out to be a Sheriff helicopter that was patrolling the coast. Apparently someone was injured down at the boat ramp and they flew in to assist. It turned out to be a little boy that had crashed his bike going down the boat ramp (it was very steep and all gravel). They loaded the boy into the ambulance and the helicopter took off. It got right over the ocean and turned right around and landed again. Since the nearest hospital was so far away and down very curvy roads, they decided to transport him by helicopter. We got to see it take off and land - it was very interesting. However we wished that it wasn't for a hurt little boy.

Later we hiked down to the ocean and got to see all sorts of fun things:
Isn't she cute?!

Kayla fell and got hurt and was so brave! We were so proud of her! She scraped up her wrist and cut her pants open scraping her knee.
Stump beach
Camp Fire time:

Fort Ross
We found this little one lane road that was absolutely beautiful! And the view was beautiful too!

One day we were low on gas and had to go north to find a diesel gas station. Along the way we came across a head on accident. There were only a few Sheriffs there holding peoples necks waiting for the ambulance to get there. We were the first car stopped and had a front row view of watching all the fire trucks, ambulances, sheriffs, etc. show up. Then the helicopter landed again! Then it took off and a red medic helicopter landed. We didn't see them load anyone into them but it was crazy to witness everything. It made us very appreciative for the safety we had had while traveling.

On Sunday night the dads took the kids on a night walk. They headed out before dark to explore.
They found peacocks that they got to feed!
Don't ask me what is up with that face! Funny boy! He is showing off like the peacock, I guess.

We could see them coming through the dark forest by their glowing sticks and glowing flash lights.

We had a great time and are very grateful to have made it home safe and sound.


Lisa and Brian said...

So jealous! Your campground is far more beautiful than the places we camp in Oklahoma.

Judie and George said...

The sink hole and that tire look awful, just horrible. I am glad you still got to have a fun holiday.

B and Jessica said...

Wow, what a beautiful camp site! Looks like a fun trip! Scary that you saw so many accidents!

jared & amber said...

Glad you made it, looks like it was a lot of fun! We have only gone camping once in our married life and I loved it!