April 26, 2010

One week til 'B' day

That is 'b' as in blasting day!

As in kidney stone blasting day!

One WEEK! Crazy!

That means I only have 7 days to:
* clean my house
* do all the laundry
* plan meals
* go grocery shopping
* make and freeze meals
* do lesson plans for next week
* get a stack of books to read
* get a stack of movies to watch
* pay bills
* plus whatever else needs to be done before I am down for a week, or 2, or 3
all while working, homeschooling and life.

Should be a piece of cake!

1 comment:

Judie and George said...

Does this kidney stone belong to you??? I have been through that twice. Never had it blasted though. My friend did and it went well. I had surgery the first time and passed it the second. I feel your pain! Good luck.