April 2, 2010

What goes in . . .

. . . is what comes out!

This was one of the main reasons we got rid of all tv/satellite services over 7 months ago. That's right - we have NO TV! AHHHH! Most people ask us: how do you survive?

As the kids got older they started wanting to watch shows that we just didn't feel were appropriate or that were not the examples that we wanted out kids to follow so we x-nayed the t-v-ay.

The best part is that we haven't even missed it. Okay, maybe once or twice we have thought it would be nice but for the most part it has been GREAT!

Kurt and I have really gotten into inspriational movies - you know, movies that you walk away from thinking "I want to be a better person." Here are the ones that we have watched so far:

Forever Strong
Facing the Giants
The Blind Side

Have you seen any really good, uplifting, inspriational movies? If so, let us know! We would love to know about some more!


Judie and George said...

I think that makes you courageous! Thanks for the movie ideas.

Lisa and Brian said...

We really liked Nicholas Nickelby with Anne Hathaway. So good - if you like period films.

Paul White said...

Add Warriors of Virtue to your library.. you will enjoy that as well!!

Truman Family said...

HI Aunt Jen!
I was just curious to see if you felt an earthquake on Conference Sunday in the evening because we felt a really big one, a shock wave off a 7.0 in Mexico. Did you?
Truman Family blog

Melissa said...

Our favorite...Remember the Titans. Fabulous.